Ayur-Kit for the Winter Solstice

If you ordered a Winter’s Ayur-Kit, should be in your hands. In time for the Winter Solstice, this shifting of the Light from the deepening and darkening days to a daily growth in sunlight. Get outside and notice how much the light changes between the Solstice and the early days of the new year. It’s a significant shift and it’s healing to watch it (especially if these dark days get you down). Truly, simply reconnecting to the circadian rhythms of nature is almost magical (and science will back me up; scope out articles on Circadian Medicine–it’s potent stuff).

If you missed out on a Winter Kit, Spring is just around the corner and the Spring Ayur-Kit will be coming even sooner than usual:

Ayur–Kits have made a small shift for 2020. Instead of shipping out for the four seasons, they will come out for the three Seasons/Doshas of Ayurveda. That means the Kapha Ayur-Kit (Spring) will come out in February instead of March (be sure to order by February 1st to guarantee a Kit). Pitta, Summer’s Kit, will come out in June and Vata’s Kit in October.

Two new Ayur-Kits are coming in 2020: a Self Care for Travel Ayur–Kit and a Let’s Get Started Ayur-Kit with the basic Ayur-tools you need to get yourself (or a friend) started in making daily Ayurvedic Self Care shifts for health and wellness. Keep your eyes peeled for those kits to make an entrance. In the meantime:

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2 thoughts on “Ayur-Kit for the Winter Solstice

  1. Thanks Charlotte. I received your Ayur-Kit. You made new changes for winter that I truly loved. I loved it all…and I look forward to using my self-care these cold 🥶 winter days.
    Very grateful!!
    Nancy 🙏🏻🥰❄️🙋‍♀️

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    1. I am so happy that you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun playing and planning this one…and yes, I made some fun changes that I enjoyed (I hope you enjoyed your extra goodie). I just love sending out a little Kit that says: remember your Self Care, you are important, and it matters. Have a wonderful season. Stay warm and cozy. Love & BeeWell, C

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