This Week’s Demo

The snow has slowed down the clearing, so this has been a week of practicing patience. Patience as wait for the snow to be cleared and patience as we wait for the bitter cold to break for the next steps. At lunch yesterday, I was amused that I was hoping for a break in the bitter cold at the same time a friend was grateful for the freeze. She needs the ground frozen to get equipment in to the downed trees in her yard. It was a reminder that our needs are not always the same, so I was glad for her and will be patient.

As if we hadn’t lost enough trees in the wind storm, we still have more to come down. Some of the biggies came down a few weeks ago behind the house (intentionally) and more came down this week where the shed was. It’s really sad to see some of these ancient pines coming down. We’re so blessed to live in an area surrounded by woods and trees (there were coyote tracks through the yard this morning), but sometimes the old has to go…it’s that creating space thing. Letting go. Healthy stewardship and finding balance.

It looks so much lovelier with snow, but the snow doesn’t help the forward movement (hence, winter as the season of slowing down and turning inward). Creating space. It will have a new lovely in the spring when we see how nature’s resilience rebounds from demolition and destruction.

Practicing seeing the beauty in each season and in each phase. It’s kind of like life.

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