Demolition Begins

It’s not often we get to talk about demolition and destruction in a yoga and Ayurveda blog, but here we go.

Ether (space) is my word for 2020. Today, we got a head start and created space by taking down the old shed.

It feels good to be clearing out and making space for the next stage, even though there is a tinge of sadness with the letting go. Change, even good change, can be scary. I can feel the rising Vata, but I’ve tempered my mood with a nice mug of sweet Golden Milk to ground and nourish. I’ll be sure to oil my feet at night to remember to stay rooted in all the upheaval. It’s wise to know your own simple self care tools (and to DO them).

I took some time this morning to honor the space with a gesture of gratitude and appreciation. I cleaned up the old horseshoe that has hung for decades on the wall of the shed for good luck. The horseshoe will go into the new space when it’s ready.

The Shed
Here’s what’s left of the shed and a new toy.

“Silence is an empty space. Space is the home of an awakened mind.” –Buddha

For Good Luck
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4 thoughts on “Demolition Begins

  1. Loved this…
    I love clearing out making room for new or just having that space to just be.💞🥰

    I also found a horseshoe this afternoon while walking out by the stream in the backyard with my son…I hung it in a tree once he got it out of the dirt.☺️
    So, i love that youre preserving your horseshoe.
    Ill see you monday.
    Xoxo, aimee

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    1. Letting go. Sweet gifts. See you Monday.


  2. Love this, love what you said. You always capture feelings so well! I just adore you!


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