Full Moon: Hunter Moon

Full Moon: 5:08pm (EST)

The full moon in October is called the Hunter Moon because it’s low and bright enough to allow hunters to hunt into the night to stock up for the coming winter.   October’s full moon is also called the Blood Moon.  It rises earlier and can look larger because it is so close to the horizon.  This low place in the sky often gives it a red hue.  Yep, halloween is coming that eerie moon lends the the legends of thin veils between this world and the next.  The ancestors seem so close.  Listen, they might be speaking.  All Hallow’s.  All Souls.  Listen.  

Speaking of Halloween, the full moon will full on halloween next year and it’ll be a Blue Moon.  

Things to reflect on for the full moon and autumn:
–What are you grateful for from these past few months?
–What was draining for you in these last few months?
–How will you take care of your health as the days continue to shorten (physically, mentally, emotionally)?
–What qualities in yourself would you like to nurture within yourself during the coming months?

–Choose one word, or one short phrase, that sets your intention for this full moon.  The next twenty eight days…
–Sit with it. Visualize yourself in your ideal state of wellness.
–Repeat your intention three times to yourself.

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