Three Day Autumn Reset: Day Three

Continue everything from day one. You may choose to continue your media or tech fast. You may continue anything else from day two, as well.

Start your day with a mug of warm water with a lemon slice. Drink warm water or herbal tea through the day.

Stretch your body for ten minutes. If you hold onto extra Kapha, or feel sluggish, do ten rounds of Breath of Joy.

Use your daily massage oil, or other oil, over your whole body before your bath or shower. Take your time.

Get outside: go for a walk or hike in nature.

Sit for five minutes in stillness and silence before bed.

Go to bed before 10pm.

Set yourself up so that you can wake with plenty of time to start your day tomorrow without rushing your morning.

Cornerstones of good health: Movement, Nourishment, & Stillness

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