Three Day Autumn Reset: Day Two

Continue everything you did on day one.

Start your day with a mug of hot water with a lemon slice. Drink lots of warm water or herbal tea through the day. Your Kit contains Tulsi Tea, that’s a great option.

  • For Breakfast, eat a bowl of Kitchari or plain oatmeal. If you have a Kit, it contains Autumn spices that you can use. If you don’t have a Kit, use the usual spice blend for Kitchari.
  • For Lunch, eat a large bowl of Kitchari. You may choose to eat a plateful of cooked vegetables with a side of rice/beans or complete protein grain with ghee and spices (salt with a good amount of pepper is just fine, if you’re unsure of spices) instead of Kitchari. Lunch should be your biggest meal of the day. Make sure you eat enough to get you through to dinner.
  • For Dinner, eat enough Kitchari to get your through the rest of the evening.
  • Do not snack between meals, unless you must. Choose fruit or nuts.

Go to bed before 10pm.

Sit for five minutes in stillness and silence before bed.

Massage castor oil onto any sore joints or muscles before your shower or bath.

Spend time in nature: go for a walk or hike.

Consider a media fast or tech fast. Read something soothing and happy.

Be kind to yourself.

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