Takra: Ayurvedic Buttermilk

For full details on why and how for Ayurvedic Buttermilk see the initial Takra Post.

I’ve been getting lots of question on Takra, so I thought I would send a set of pictures. When you blend your yogurt, you want the liquid and the fat (bubbles or butter that float to the surface) to separate. You are transforming your drink from a heavy, thick, sticky yogurt to a light, thin, cleansing drink.

If you’re only blending everything together, you’ve made a yogurt drink, not a gut healing/nourishing Ayurvedic buttermilk (buttermilk made from yogurt is VERY different from buttermilk made from cream).

Your yogurt should look like this (before it becomes butter it might look like floating fat bubbles):

Skim off the fat/butter/bubbles to get the below picture. It may take a few blends to remove all the fat bubbles (if it looks like butter, like the above, you’re done-skim it off)

This is your Takra. You may choose to add cumin, Himalayan salt, golden milk blend, or other herbs to support your unique needs.

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