Healthy Hair


Three steps to healthy hair:

These three steps are a starting point you may play with to find what meets your hair needs. I’ll lay out the three steps and then talk about each, with tips for tweaking.

  1. Oil your hair weekly (healthy hair oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, bringaraj oil, or brahmi oil are all suggestions)
  2. Cleanse your hair with Ayurvedic hair mask/cleanser: occasionally, daily, or any other time frame in between. Made with shikakai powder, reetha powder [soap nut], hibiscus, and amalaki, [sometimes with neem powder].
  3. Final Rinse your hair daily with an amalaki powder decoction (you may also choose to add neem, hibiscus, or other powdered herbs).

Now talk and tips:

  1. Weekly hair oil is pretty simple. Apply your choice of oil (when in doubt, start with sesame oil, coconut oil, or healthy hair oil) from roots to ends and massage into scalp. Leave on for twenty minutes. Shampoo well (it helps to add shampoo to dry hair first, then rinse). You might find that your hair likes more or less oil treatments at different times of the year. You may find that your hair enjoys year round treatments.
  2. Hair mask or cleanser may replace your shampoo and conditioner or be an occasional deeper cleanse/nourisher. Make an appropriate amount of a wet paste for your hair length and thickness. Apply from roots to tips. Leave on for five to twenty minutes (be mindful that hibiscus can stain fabrics). Rinse your hair thoroughly. This begins to bring you hair (and scalp) to its natural state. This state is likely to be something that even your own hair is unfamiliar with, as our hair gets used to using artificial shampoos and conditioners designed to make our hair all “the same”. Be patient. Your hair may feel super oily OR super dry the first few applications. Take your time to discover how often your hair needs/likes this cleanser.
  3. Daily hair rinse is a key to nourished, healthy hair. In addition it cools the head (great in the summer or for a hot mind or after a hot shower any time of year). Simple make a strong decoction of amalaki, then strain. Keep a bottle in the shower and apply every day to your hair as a final rinse. Make a fresh batch weekly.

As always, I’m here to answer questions and expand on the information above. I also LOVE feedback on what works, and doesn’t work, for you!!

Remember: eat well, hydrate well, and rest well. Nourish your hair from the inside out!!

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  1. Thanks for this! I love the ending— nourishment from the inside out. 🌸L, H

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