Hair Mask

If you ordered an Ayur-Kit for Summer, it’s in your hands and included a Hair Mask. Your Summer sheet suggested that you make a paste with warm water and apply to your hair from roots to ends and leave on for five plus minutes, then rinse (no shampoo, no conditioner needed).

Photo by mododeolhar

All hair types are very different. How your hair will respond to the mask will differ. For example, after using the mask, some of you will feel like your hair is very dry while to others it will feel oily. The mask begins to bring your hair into its natural state so it may take a few applications for it to feel “right” and for your hair to settle into balance: not too dry, not too oily.

We’re used to shampoos and conditioners and other chemicals to make our hair feel “normal”, so our actual normal may not feel normal. Give it a chance. You should have enough mask for at least two applications (depending on your hair length and thickness) and if you love it, it’s available at Trillium.

Other ways to use mask:

–Make a decoction (very strong tea) out of you mask (1 Tablespoon to 8 ounces of water). Cool and strain. Use as a hair rinse for a week or long term. This cool rinse is extra nice in the summer to keep the head and mind from overheating.

–If your hair could use extra conditioning, blend your mask with yogurt for a deeper conditioning effect. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse.

Play around with your mask to find what meets your hair’s needs. You might find it’s best to use it weekly or every few days. It might work for you to get rid of your shampoo and conditioner and use your mask as a daily shampoo. Sometimes you might use water to make a paste, other times making it into a hair rinse, and sometimes a yogurt paste for extra conditioning.

The options are endless and we’re all different, so our needs are different (and, of course, will shift through the course of seasons and life).

You may also like to oil your hair weekly with Healthy Hair Oil to keep your hair nourished, supple, and soft. This is a spectacular treatment for fall and winter when everything becomes naturally more dry. Sound crazy? Not so much: remember VO5 Hair Oil Treatments? Same thing. Only better.

Remember: eat well, hydrate well, and rest well. Nourish your hair from the inside out!!

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