YTT Notes

You may have heard recently that there are significant changes coming to credentialing through Yoga Alliance for teachers and schools (particularly the yoga schools). We wanted to send you a note to let you know that we are aware of the changes and are in, and will maintain, full compliance as the requirements of schools changes.

How this affects you? Don’t worry. Many of you are choosing, or considering, Yoga Teacher Training for your own personal development, in which case this changes nothing. Others of you might become yoga teachers in your communities and have no need of becoming RYTs (registered yoga teachers) through Yoga Alliance (although we do encourage you to become registered) and will choose to be CYT (certified yoga teachers).

For the last group, those of you who will choose, or might choose, to become professional yoga teachers, we will maintain our full credentialing through Yoga Alliance. As you grow as a yoga teacher, you may choose to become registered through Yoga Alliance and we want to be certain that when you go through our school all the options are available to you.

That said, these changes are being implemented to make certain that your training is the best that it can be. While honoring the heritage, history, and diversity of yoga traditions, these changes will help to assure that programs are high quality, safe, and inclusive.

You will find more information on the Yoga Alliance website or…ask. We know what’s happening. Those of you currently with us, and planning to be with us, we already meet the requirements and expectations.

Love, Charlotte & Janet

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