What About Boxes

The Boxes have a new look and are now Seasonal Self Care Ayur-Kits!!!

Some of you have been curious about the Seasonal Ayur-Kits. What they are, what’s in them, and why buy one? To satisfy your curiosity, I’ve decided to share what went into this year’s Summer Ayur-Kit and the information sheet that came with it. I also calculated exactly what this Ayur-Kit would have cost you if you’d purchased each item individually (that said: some items only come in as AyurKit and are unavailable outside the Ayur-Kit).

This Summer Ayur-Kit would have cost $93.50 to purchase each item separately. Your cost by purchasing in a group setting of Seasonal Ayur-Kits (only available for the turn of each season and they must be preordered) is $65.00 (plus shipping of $12, if required). That’s a pretty sweet deal for everyone.

There will be a while supplies last offering of a few items that came in the Seasonal Ayur-Kit. Keep your eyes peeled early next week for availability and pricing. There MAY also be ONE Kit left from Summer for purchase (I always have one or two extra kits in case there is an in transit disaster with the post office).

What’s in the Autumn Ayur-Kit? Who knows? You’ll find out if you order one.

Here’s the sheet that came in this month’s Ayur-Kit:

What’s in your Box…and what to do with it.  

Summer, the season of Fire and water.  And a bit of decadence.  This is the “luxury” Box for pampered skin and senses.  There are loads of tools to help cool off.  Summer is the season of Pitta: HEAT. For the most part, keep cool and you’ll do all right.  The trick to Summer is to remember that as it begins to wane, you will want to find the balance of cool without over-drying.  Autumn comes next and that’s the season of DRY.  So, stay COOL (the enclosed Summer Card will help you to think Outside the Box–HaHa, couldn’t resist) and don’t dry out as the Summer comes to a close.  Simple as that.  

You might also begin to keep in mind, your own seasonal tendencies/dosha.  Are you a Summer body type?  Are you prone to heat, maybe damp heat, all through the year?  If so, note the tools in this season’s Box, especially the ones that feel great.  You might need them throughout most of the year (cooling tools), except (maybe) in the middle of Winter when it’s pretty cold and dry (the opposites of Pitta’s heat and damp).  Begin to take your Box to the next level.  

Included in your Box:

Dandelions and Nettles has contributed to your decadent summer box: Sun Protective Face Cream (keep in a cool, dark place; I keep in the fridge until I’m ready to open and use), Sun Lip Balm, plus a Violet Orange Lip Balm and Dandelion Honey Lip Balm

From Trillium Ayurveda: Sun Oil (shake well before use), Neem Oil,  Wise Water Tea, Summer Spice Blend, Summer Face Mask, Summer Hair Mask, Rose Water, Summer Sugar Bath, and Summer Essence.  

Bonus: One Random Box includes: a Trillium Ayurveda black cotton t-shirt!!  These are fantastic yoga and everything T’s.  

Let’s Talk Sun

Dandelion and Nettles Sun Protective Face Cream is a nice day to day summer sun protection, but please be wise and use a stronger protection for long beach days or if you skin is super sun sensitive.   Carrot and red raspberry seed oils with coconut oil, rose water, aloe, shea butter, vitamin E oil, beeswax, and carrot EO.

Dandelions and Nettles has also included a sun protective Sun Lip Balm.  Carrot seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and beeswax.  

Sun Oil for your whole body.  Shake well before use. Again, you might need to use a stronger sunscreen for sensitive skin or a beach day, but it’s a good layer of protection for day to day living.  These oils are also nourishing oils for summer skin health. Coconut oil, carrot seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, and neem oil.

Kitchen Talk:

Your usual Summer Spice Blend is perfect for your Summer Kitchari (See Blog for more information).  Summer is the season of fire and water, the main elements of salt, so be mindful of your salt intake and there’s no Summer Salt Blend in this Box.  Don’t keep searching for it, it’s not there.  BUT there is a bit extra Spice.  Remember, if you’re a hot body type naturally, this may be your year ‘round go-to spice blend.  Cumin, Coriander, Fennel, Turmeric, & Cardamom.  

Wise Water Tea: blend of cumin, coriander, and fennel.  Wise and cooling.  Mildly Ama (gunk) Busting and mildly kicks up Agni (digestive fire) without over stoking it.  I suggest 1 Tbsp in a quart of water, well boiled and cooled to room temperature to drink through the day (or steep overnight).  

Decadent and Cooling for the Senses:  

We’ve already talked about the Sun Protective Face Cream.  Also included is a Summer Face Mask.  It’s soothing and cooling for overheated skin (including skin with prickly heat skin).  Best way to use is to blend with your Rose Water to make a paste and apply to face.  Let dry for ten to fifteen minutes then remove with a cool, damp cloth.  Rose water can also be used to cool your skin and eyes throughout the day (yes, you can spray into your eyes, but keep your bottle sterile).  Summer face mask: chickpea flour with neem, manjista, triphala, and turmeric powders.

Summer Sugar Bath is plain summer decadence.  A wonderful sugar bath for your whole body.  Draw a bath, scrub body with sugary decadence, and sit in soothing bathwater.   Sugar, sesame oil and roses with geranium EO, Peru Balsam EO, frankincense EO, and sandalwood EO Enjoy.  

Summer Essence of jasmine and sandalwood with rose petals.  Essences are diluted to less than 6% for daily use, please spot test your skin for unexpected sensitivities.  Trillium Ayurveda suggests that you never put undiluted essential oils on your skin nor should you ingest essential oils.  Please, don’t eat your Essence, SMELL IT.  

Brand New is a Summer Hair Mask blended with cleansing, softening, and cooling herbs to make your hair feel amazing.  Excess heat can be a cause of premature grey hair, discolored hair, and hair that falls out. Neem cools from the scalp to the tips.  Blend approximately 1 Tbsp (depending on hair length and thickness) with water to make a runny paste.  You may choose to let it sit overnight for a morning shower.  Apply to hair from the roots to the tips, massaging your scalp well and blending into hair. Leave on for five to ten minutes, then rinse completely.  No need to wash or condition hair (trust me).  Use weekly or as your daily shampoo.  ALL of our hair needs are different.  Some of you might be able to use daily and replace your shampoo and conditioner with Hair Mask.  Others may find it’s great as a weekly mask…or not.  But try it.  You’ll like it.  Reetha powder, Shikakai powder, Amalaki Powder, and Neem Powder.

First Aid Kit:

To add to your first aid kit is a jar of Neem Oil. Neem is super cooling, as well as anti-bacterial/fungal/viral/worms/everything.  It’s a great go to for cuts and scratches, bites and the itchies.  It’s great for outbreaks of acne or other red/inflamed skin issues.  It’s a first aid and travel must have.     

Enjoy your Box!!  As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.  If you enjoy your Box, please feel free to post your joys and comments on the blog or Facebook page!  

Namaste.  Have a refreshing, cool, and lovely summer.  The next box is scheduled for Autumn: September 21.  Feel free to place your order today.  

BeeWell, Charlotte & Trillium Ayurveda: Summer 2019

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