Body Treatments: How Often?


How often should I have body treatments?  This is a question I get asked often and it’s a question that has a big “it depends” answer.  If we’re managing something acute, the answer is going to be very different from general management.  We might be doing treatments for several consecutive days, or over the course of weeks, to get the results we’re looking for.

Things to consider for general wellness include the season, your dosha, your constitution, your stage of life, availability of time, your budget, consistency of your daily self care, etc.  There’s a lot to consider, but here’s the general answer (and probably the answer most people are looking for):  

–For general management, it is nice to have one or two treatments a month.  This is a really sweet way to keep dosha in check throughout the year and shifting seasons.  It keeps you on target managing your own self care and making yourself a priority of your life.  You might explore different treatments for different seasons.

–Every other month is a nice compromise when taking into consideration all of the factors above.

–At a minimum, it is nice to have a treatment quarterly; a treatment for each season.  As you begin to know your ‘trigger’ season, you might choose to have a couple of treatments in that season to better support your wellness.  At this minimum, you want to find the treatment that is the most balancing to your needs.

Of course, it’d be great to do treatments weekly…

To get started: a Spring Vishesh special to jumpstart the body and mind as we move into the season of growth and vitality!!  Treat yourself this spring and enjoy a one hour treatment of Vishesh with stimulating Kapha oil. With or without Garshana (silk glove exfoliation). Vishesh brings movement to the tissues, breaking up deep ama (toxins) and stagnation that has lodged in the tissues. The downward strokes of this massage press lymph and blood away from the heart and gentle sweeps encourage a return of proper, healthy flow of movement throughout the body.  Limited number; book in March for March, April, or May.

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