It’s time to think about Spring



Spring Boxes are a’coming and full of goodies and tools to help you have a healthy spring.

Spring  can be a challenging season for many of us.  It’s the season of transition from one extreme (cold) to the next extreme (hot).  It comes with the qualities of heaviness and sluggishness in nature, body, and mind (earth and water: Kapha).  These qualities can unbalance us if we’re not careful to reset for a season of abundance and growth after a season of turning inward.  Winter’s goal was to nourish and build with more stillness and little extra bits of excess; Spring is about the journey upward and outward (think about the seeds bursting forth).  Winter’s natural heavy diet to keep the chill at bay is great through the lightness of winter but it’s not so good in the already natural heaviness of spring.  It’s time for transition.  Prepare.

Your Spring Box will help you find your balance.  It’s a lovely Box if you have any of the Spring complaints of allergies, excess mucus, lethargy, or you just plain want to maintain a healthy transitioning self.

Please place your order by March 9th to guarantee availability.

Boxes deliver to be at your house before the first day of Spring (March 21st).  In addition to your “Tips Sheet” included in each Box, I will  be offering Seasonal Shift Webinars to give you a chance to ask questions and set yourself up for success.

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2 thoughts on “It’s time to think about Spring

  1. Hi Charlotte:

    How are you? Hopefully I will get myself to a yoga class sson, I plan on coming Monday. I also wanted to place an order for a Spring self care box. I can pick it up at class, when they are ready. I hope you have a wonderful day.



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