Nuggets from a Weekend Retreat

I spent the weekend at a Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra (with Jennifer Reis) retreat (and continuing education program) this past weekend at Kripalu.  It was a bit odd to be in a program instead of a training; it took me a little time to realize I didn’t have to look at my watch constantly to be sure I was where I was supposed to be when I was supposed to be there.  In fact, I didn’t HAVE to be anywhere (yes, I DID attend all my sessions).  I took off my watch and turned off my phone.

Kripalu at Sunrise

Here are some nuggets to share:

–The Between is the space of Ideas (specifically the space between sleep and wake)
–The heart is always only asking for one thing, but it may come up in different ways
–Set realistic, not perfect, goals
–Congratulate yourself for what you DO do
–We are hardwired to the negative; it takes a lot of positives to negate the negative
–Conscious, daily practice is the way out of the negative hardwiring (rewire the circuits)
–Not this-not that: take away what isn’t you (especially the labels)
–Yes this-yes that: add in what is you (there becomes less space for the not-you)
–Water the good seeds in your self and others
–Life is CHAOS; create a life around cycles
–Sometimes the practice is to withdraw, sometimes to engage (pratyahara)
–Practice what you LOVE
–Bliss. Wisdom. Truth. Mystery.
–Mantra is the pathway into silence
The gift is to be present for one another
–Use your weekly planning pages not to plan but to CREATE your life


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