I dislike the word…

cleanse.  Or detox.  Or diet.  They just don’t do a diet and lifestyle healing reset justice.  I feel like an Ayurvedic ‘cleanse’ is simply a shift to the way of eating and living that suits your body, mind, spirit, and senses in the best way possible.  It’s simply eating your doshic diet and living your doshic lifestyle at its purest form.  Which may be hard to sustain in the long term and so a reminder moment is in order.  It might include a necessary clearing out of excess from the system so that your rejuvenatives rejuvenate instead of clog (Ama).

Cleanse.  Detox.  Nope.  It’s a Reminder Moment to come back to your best diet and lifestyle.  Your best healing food and lifestyle.

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Here’s what you’ll need if you’re joining (Jan 16th):

You will need: triphala (for 9 days), ghee (large amounts internally are OPTIONAL), kitchari beans, rice, & kitchari spices (for 6 or more days), doshic tea or spices for tea (for 6 or more days),  Abhyanga oil of choice (for 5 or more days; large amounts are OPTIONAL), dashamoola or castor oil are OPTIONAL (for 3 days), rasayana of choice (for 3 months).  There may be other supplies you need to make your cleanse uniquely your own.

Take time to plan your healing reset–are you eating well and living well?  Are you adding in (read: do you need?) the deeper clearing out of excess (Ama) practices or do you just need healing food, a bit of clearing herbal/spice teas, and a bit of gentle cleansing/nourishing triphala?  Do you need a Basti (enema) or castor oil?  Do you need excessive internal ghee?  Do you need excessive external oil?  Do you simply need a few days of easy to digest healing foods followed by Rasayana?

Know your body’s needs…plan well.

*Do not undertake a deep cleanse if your Bala (strength) is low in any way.  Please consult with a qualified practitioner and your primary physician before you begin.  

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