Seasonal Webinar: Self Care for Winter


Schedule HERE

Please be sure to include your email for the invite.  It’s not as complicated as it seems.  I’ll send you an email the day of the Webinar that will give you all the details you need to join the Webinar.  

I’ve included a link to Banyan’s Dosha Quiz.  Sometimes, it’s helpful to see where you’re at.  You can use it to explore current imbalances by choosing answers that match the moment or explore who you naturally are by choosing answers that closely match who you’ve been all your life (including childhood).  Have fun with it (and if you get confused, you always have me to help you sort out those answers)

If you like, submit a donation for the class into the “Tip Jar” below.  As mentioned, this is just like any tip at Trillium: they are considered a gift.  I pay it forward.  Half of any ‘tips’ go toward continuing education (which benefits myself and my students) and the other half goes to charity at the end of each year.  I’m still choosing this year’s charity; last year donations went to Heifer International.

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