There are so many packages coming with Boxes being prepped (and the household holiday packages in the mix too).  I spent the day opening packages and:

–Sorting through a shipment of jars for oils and essences and salves and scrubs.
–Rebottling and restocking some of the oils from India.

Pinda for unhappy feet and hands, Milk & Bala for strength and nourishment, Dhanvantaram for extreme Vata

–Restocking Banyan Botanicals products on the shelves (and for Boxes and treatments!!

Sample/Travel Size

–Sorting through ingredients from here, there, and everywhere.  There’s loads of stuff here (and a’coming) for the product making that’s happening this weekend–much of what goes into a Seasonal Self Care Box is freshly made.  I’ll keep you posted with photos and updates.

This weekend is when you’ll begin to see some of the house made product photos, but I had so much product coming in I thought I’d share.  Mostly so that my Yoga Nidra peeps see that there really was good stuff in all those boxes piled everywhere.

Happy packages and Boxes!!

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5 thoughts on “USPS, FedEx, UPS…

  1. When is good to come by to pick up winter box?

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    1. They will be ready by Wednesday of next week!! I will message you if they are done early and we can set up a pick up. I should be around all day next Thursday…

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      1. There’s also no hurry. And we should perhaps shat/ set up a time for an exchange; You may enjoy a massage after completing the boxes.


    2. Sounds wonderful. I’ll send you a message.

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