Webinars are Here!!

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Yep.  These are brand new and you can lounge on your bed with your computer to join these classes.

First class is Planning for a Healthy Winter on December 21 from 6 to 7pm.  It’s easy.  Register for the class (include your email for invite) and you’ll get an invite.  Simply follow the simple instructions to join the class at the appointed time (6pm; I suggest logging on a few minutes early to avoid setup delays).

Bring along a mug of tea, your Winter Box (not required, but useful, and must be ordered by December 7th), and a pen and paper.  I’ll start us off with universal tips from Ayurveda and yoga for a healthy winter and then open the “floor” for questions so that you can tweak your winter plan to your unique needs~~I will take questions until we run out of time and try to keep the answers short and sweet so there’s time for everyone.  I will also endeavor to make sure answers are not so unique as to be un-useful to the group setting.  If you have questions in advance, feel free to email me and I will be sure to add those answers into the discussion before I open the ‘floor’.  

This first Web Class is a trial run and since it’s the holiday season, I’m offering this first Winter class by DONATION–simply click on the Generosity Enabler at the bottom of each page of the Trillium Ayurveda Website to donate.  All donations (after Webinar platform fees are paid) are added to the Trillium Ayurveda “Tip Jar”.  For those of you who don’t know how the “Tip Jar” works, half of all tips go to continuing education which benefits both myself and my students; the other half of all tips are donated to a charity each December (last year tips went to Heifer International).

Space may be limited.  Can’t make the class time?  There may be opportunity to listen to the recording; that option is still TBD~~please let me know if you’re interested in that as an option.

The tentative plan is to offer these every turn of the season to remind us all of our needed shifts with nature to keep us as healthy as possible.  Tentative dates, times, and investment are already set.  


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