New Moon: Four Phases of the Cycle


LINK To Phases of the Cycle Article

This is a really nice article to begin to look a little bit more deeply into how the cycle shifts.  We can look at how it corresponds to the moon cycle.  The new moon is the menstrual phase, the waxing (growing) moon is the follicular phase, the full moon is the ovulation phase, and the waning (shrinking) moon is the luteal phase.

You can also see how this links to the phases of the seasons.  New moon the quiet, turning inward time of winter.  The waxing moon as the growth season of spring.  The full moon the rich, warm, fullness of summer.  The waning moon, the season of fall when we need more nourishment and support for the coming winter.

You can also see how many of the same supports for the phases of the cycle/moon are similar to the supports we would bring in for each season.

As a reminder, deep winter is the space element of Vata.  Late winter and early spring is the season of Kapha.  Summer is the season of Pitta.  Fall and early/mid winter is the season of Vata.  You can also see how all these different layers align to support the cycle, the moon phases, the seasonal phases, and the doshas of VPK.

Enjoy diving in.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.  Usually the stuff in this post is offered in the two hour “Routines of Ayurveda” class, so there’s some deep juicy stuff to be explored.  Have fun with it.

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  1. Definetly sets the appetite


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