Skeleton Contest


She’s (he’s?) coming soon: our life sized anatomy skeleton for Yoga Teacher Training!!

And she (he?) needs a name!! This is where YOU come in. In the comments post your name ideas.  You may also share this post to your Facebook timeline so that more people can get in on the fun (the more the merrier and the better chance that we find the perfect name for our nameless skeleton). You have one week to post, share, and suggest a name.

To ensure entry, we suggest that you post your comment entry on this blog post, on the Trillium Ayurveda original Facebook post, or on Bit of Bliss Cape Cod original Facebook post (this is to be certain that we see all official entries).

In one week, November 7th, we will choose our top three name picks and run a Facebook POLL so you get to help make the final pick. We’ll run the poll for one week and then share the winner on November 14th.

What’s in it for you??? If you’re our final winner, you win one of these beautiful bracelet (we’ll ship free to anywhere in the US or Canada). You get to choose the color bracelet and corresponding charitable focus!!

Notes: If there are multiple people with the same chosen final name we’ll do a name-in-the-pot pick to choose the final winner.
Not on Facebook and want to join? Post in the blog post comments, send us an email, or message us with your name options.

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