New Moon: Seed Cycling for Hormonal Health

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The above LINK is a lovely article on seed cycling, which we have talked about briefly in a few of our yoga classes.  The simple theory is that you cycle seeds with your menstrual cycle beginning either on the first day of your period or on the new moon. You may choose to start with the new moon, which is today, if you have an irregular cycle, an absent cycle, are post menopause, or are trying to sync to nature’s rhythm.

The natural phytochemicals in the seeds support the hormones in our body to nourish the appropriate phase of our cycle at the appropriate time.

–From the new moon, or first day of your cycle, you will simple add 1 tsp to 1 tbsp ground flax and pumpkin seeds to your daily diet.  You may also choose to supplement with Evening Primrose Oil.

–From the full moon, or at the 14th day or your cycle, you shift to ground sesame and sunflower seeds.  You may also choose to supplement with a fish oil (as a New Englander: I am a big proponent of Fermented Cod Live Oil for it’s D vitamin support, synergistic balance of vitamins, and natural/cold preservation process).

The great thing about Seed Cycling is you’re using food as medicine.  It’s unlikely to cause harm.

When working with your cycle, it is necessary to implement new shift or supplementation for at least three months to allow for optimum changes to occur.  You may see some immediate shifts, but as the menstrual cycle is, well a cycle, the following cycle’s health hinges on the previous cycle’s health, so it can take up to two cycles to see any shifts.  The third month is to allow the health of the second cycle to support the ongoing health of your cycles.  Nutshell: give any cycle/menstrual support, including menopause support, three months before giving up.

Next Full Moon: October 24
Next New Moon: November 7 (next NM blog to post)

*As always, if you are experiencing severe symptoms, please see your doctor or qualified practitioner for support.

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