Schedule for September

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Fill your bucket with Wellness

There are lots of fun classes coming up in September in addition to the weekly schedule (please note there is no Wednesday morning yoga with me at The White Elephant; Kelsey will be taking over that time slot at TWE if you would like to continue your yoga in that space and time).

Autumn is time to reestablish good routines and with sleep being a cornerstone of good health, consider Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) on the 3rd Monday of the month (9/17 at 7:45pm).  Space is very limited, RSVP soon.

Pranayama for Fall and Winter: Healing Yogic Breath Work & Meditation.  These practices are great for strengthening the lungs for your physical practices, but that’s not all.  Pranayama guides us in finding balance for overall wellbeing.  It helps to balance the mental doshas (stress, anxiety, depression, fogginess, and an overactive mind).  Pranayama supports overall physical health from the inside out. This truly is the key to mind, body, senses, and spirit health.  RSVP please.

It’s OPENArt+Yoga time: half day workshop to dream, believe, create, connect, and laugh. Don’t miss out on this amazing workshop with myself and artist extraordinaire Amber Robidoux.  Space is limited for an intimate setting and personalized attention.  September 22nd 9-1; RSVP by 9/15 (Min 4)

Yoga by the Fire Pit to welcome Autumn takes place on September 21st at 7pm.  Please RSVP by 9/14 (Min 4).

There are lots of offerings to help you begin to establish a healthy routine and lifestyle for Autumn & Winter.  Don’t miss out.  Practice radical self care.  Care of the self is the key to giving back in all the ways that you give of yourself.  Fill your bucket with wellness.  

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