August Schedule


A new month has begun.  Happy August.  She’s coming in with a bit of sunshine, a beautiful breeze, and a gentle rain.

If you haven’t planned your Me-Time for August, it’s not too late.  Block out some personal space…right now.  I’ll wait.

A few things are happening this month.  There are three more Yoga Nidra (sleep) practices happening and two of them are in August: the 1st and 3rd Mondays.  In the next classes, we’ll explore how to really make yourself really comfortable for YN.  It’s not as easy as it would seem to ‘just’ lie on your back and rest.  These are an RSVP MUST as space is limited to 6.

Hopefully it won’t thunderstorm for the next Full Moon Yoga.  We’ve missed out on two already this summer because Mother Nature had other plans.

Many of you already know that I will be leaving The White Elephant at the end of the month.  It was a tough decision, but I was feeling spread a little too thin and I’ve decided to keep myself a little closer to home.  Don’t worry, Royalston, I’m not going anywhere and there won’t be any changes to the Community Meetinghouse/Church classes.

Exciting things up and coming:  OPENArt+Yoga Half Day Workshop on September 22nd.  Space is very limited for individualized attention.  Healing Yogic Breathwork (Pranayama) begins the last Thursday in September and continues every other week into the first week in November (this year, the last class will be a meditation exploration).

Be sure to explore the Yoga Training that’s starting in January.  This is a ‘dive right in’ and really deepen your personal practice of yoga from the inside out: body, mind, and spirit.  Complete all three modules and requirements to become a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher.  Space is super limited.  Begin your application process soon.

Happy August.  Let’s enjoy the beauty this month has to bring.  Let’s learn from the challenges this month has to offer.  Let’s support one another on the journey.

Namaste and BeeWell.  images

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