Challenge for the Month

Pull out your calendar for August and scope out what’s happening.

The Herbalist: Elisabeth Ladwig

Find a block of time: a whole weekend, a day, a half day, or an hour where you have nothing else planned.  BLOCK IT OUT IN PEN as “MeTime”.  Yes, use a pen to block out this time; make it permanent.  If you’ve got strong Pitta in you (which might be a bit higher in the summer’s heat, but hopefully it’s not aggravated…that’s not a good thing), pick a color that represents your MeTime.  Choose a color that is perfect for YOU and your time.  This task is all about you.

Tricksy part: no one is allowed to infringe on your MeTime.  It’s a date, an appointment…whatever you need to call it to make sure it’s real and un-infringable.

Now, your job is to choose something that sounds super fun to do during your block of time.  Super fun to you.  Not anyone else.  Just you.  Don’t bring anyone else along.

When the time comes: do it.  

Here are five ideas to get your juices flowing:
–Sit in the sun and do nothing
–Go to the city and watch a play
–Write a poem
–Visit the beach at sunset
–Hike a mountain for sunrise

It doesn’t have to be anything big.  Just time for you and something you love.

Let us know what’s you’ve planned, when you do it, how it went, and what challenges came up for you!!!  

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