Shirodhara for Summer

Set up for this morning’s appointment

If you’ve never had a Shiro, it’s an experience.  No, it’s not a “hair treatment”, which you sometimes hear.  Of course, you’re pouring oil over the hair and your hair is going to love that, but that’s just a bonus.

Shiro is about nourishing the mind.  We can use special herbal oils formulated to calm, uplift, and nurture the mental energies.  Sometimes, we use buttermilk for it’s nourishing and cooling qualities (this is also an inexpensive option for repeat treatments in a short time frame).  In this extreme heat, we can use coconut oil to calm the mind of its overly fired up qualities, which include irritation, frustration, critical minded, angry, and all those other too-hot-mind-emotions.

What is it?  A stream of oil is continuously poured over the forehead, targeting the marma points of the mind.  The heavy quality of the oil quickly brings a sense of calm to an anxious, jittery mind.  Then a sense of deep relaxation occurs while the oils begin to seep in and do the deeper work to balance the mind.

In summer, the balancing we need is to cool the hot qualities of the mind.  If you’ve never experienced Shiro, it is quite a treat.

Sweet Summer Deal: I’m offering a cooling summer deal of a Coconut Oil Shirodhara for $60.  Hear’s a second (and third) bonus:
–if you ‘follow’ this blog already or begin to follow it, I’ll give you an extra $5 off
–if you are a ‘liker’ & ‘sharer’, or become one, of Trillium’s facebook page I’ll add another $5 off.

You could get a Shiro for $50  (please remind me that you ‘follow’ this blog and/or ‘like and share’ on FB when you come for your treatment to receive the extra $5/$10 off).  How’s that for a deal?  Seriously, no excuses. Come cool off your mind!!!

Happy Summer!!

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