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This past weekend we made 100 Churned/Washed Rose Ghee.  Ghee is churned/washed with ice cold water (in our case, we use rose water and rose water ice cubes) 100 times in a copper pot until it takes on new properties.  A hundred times may not seem like a lot, but it takes a couple of hours to complete the process.

The final ghee is lighter and cooling.  It’s amazing for delicate skin, including skin that is thinning or wrinkling.  It’s a go-to to help heal radiation burns.  It’s a eczema favorite and for pretty much any skin that needs extra super nourishment.  We fondly call it Super Ghee around here.  There are eight FIVE THREE jars available for purchase; please message me.


Summer Self Care Boxes are being packaged for pickup and shipping.  If you ordered one for pickup, I have begun to notify you of pickup times for this week as I will be on vacation next week.  Forgive me for getting your Box to you early.  If you’re a purist, you can always wait to open it until the 21st.  Boxes to be shipped will go out on Friday!!

As everyone gets their Boxes, I will begin to post peeks on what’s inside.  I’ll do my best to hold back on the secrets until I’m sure everyone has gotten their Box.  I hope you love it.  I’ve enjoyed putting this Summer Box together for you.

Next Self Care Boxes will be going out for Autumn.  Order yours now so you don’t forget or miss out!!  

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