Caring for your Copper Cup



Copper cups may be prone to discoloration, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a pain to clean. After you finish your morning cup of water, simply rinse your copper mug and dry it immediately.  Use soap and water, as needed, and dry it immediately. Over time, your cup may develop a tarnished look.  Simple instructions to clean:

–Make a mixture of lemon juice and salt (vinegar works also) and then use a toothbrush or a washcloth to rub out the tarnish. Rinse and repeat until shiny and new.

Why, exactly, are we drinking from a copper cup?  

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From an Ayurvedic perspective, this is possible because (among other things) the copper cup is cooling and alkalizing and so reduces inflammation in the body.  Inflammation tends to be a huge factor in imbalances that lead to disease.  A cup of copper water in the morning also helps to cleanse out excess gunk (ama) from the digestive system, that gunk, as we know, is the root of all imbalance and disease.  If that’s new to you, there’s room in the Digestion and Ayurveda class next weekend (May 19th).  It’s a don’t miss class.

How to:  Simple fill your cup with water before bed.  Drink this water first thing the next morning (while the digestive system ‘pipes’ are empty of food).  This is the classical version of “drink a mug of hot lemon (ginger, honey, etc.) water first thing upon waking” in the morning.  Another tip that stems from the Ayurvedic toolbox.

Ayurveda is the toolbox of living wisely.  I love watching these tools become mainstream…Neti pots and oil pulling are also from Ayurveda.


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