Summer Self Care Boxes

I know it doesn’t yet feel like spring, let alone summer, but I promise you it’s coming.  And with the usual potential imbalances.  Here’s a sneak peek:

Ahh, summer.  Vacation time.  Time by the lake.  Time by the ocean.  Time hiking.  Time to linger under a bright full moon.  Longer days.  Shorter nights.  There’s so much summer has to offer.

Alas, we still have our busy lives to live.  We, most of us, can’t take the summer off for a months long retreat from life.  When we’re busy and when, even though we might love it, the weather gets extreme, it can become frustrating and harder to stay in balance.

So, here’s a goodie Box of self care tools to help support you through the HOT, extreme days of summer:

Ayurvedic Self Care Boxes for Summer

To Order: CLICK ME

For More Information: CLICK ME

Summer is a special time, so there are some special things in your Box this time around.  Pitta types (the dosha of summer) like to feel special and pampered.  There’s skin care treats for your face and luxurious scents for your body.

Practical things too: tools to help keep you cool and to calm overheated skin from the outside in AND the inside out!!

Stay cool.  Stay grounded.  Stay healthy.  Tools and tips to enjoy Summer!!

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