Friday Challenge


It’s spring.  The sun wakes earlier and the mornings are brighter.  The birds are singing and the flowers are peeping up.

Challenge yourself to wake up ten minutes earlier than you normally would each day this coming week.  Don’t use this time to do work or catch up.  Don’t fill it with the “I-don’t-want-to”s.  Take these extra ten  minutes to do something you love for yourself:

–Sit with your mug of tea (or coffee) and enjoy the morning stillness
–Read a few pages of your favorite book
–Take a mini walk in your garden or yard
–Wake and stretch your body
–Give yourself a ten minute oil massage to start the day
–Create something you love to create

Do something that you LOVE for yourself. This is your time. Just you and a few extra moments of time.

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1 thought on “Friday Challenge

  1. If you already get up plenty early, the challenge is to use ten minutes of that time for YOU!!


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