Why Triphala?

What is triphala?  Triphala is one of the main herbal supports in the Ayurveda toolbox.  It is made up of three fruits: Haritaki, Bibitaki, and Amalaki.  Each of these fruits supports one of the three doshas and their corresponding home in the digestive system.  It’s been said before: it all starts in the digestive system.  A healthy GIT = healthy digestion = healthy tissue = less gunk = a healthy you.

Ideally triphala is taken as a powder with warm water before bed each night to support the natural cleansing and rejuvenation that happens through the night (during the Pitta/fire time of 10pm to 2am; this is why it’s best to be in bed by 10, 11 at the latest).  For those who feel they can’t tolerate the taste, it can be taken in pill form.  If possible, it’s best to taste the herbs, which is why so many Ayurvedic herbs come as a powder.  Just as your digestive system reacts immediately to the extreme sour if you suck on a lemon, there is an immediate effect through the system (though more subtle) when you taste anything and that is part of the subtle healing effect of herbs: its taste.

Should you take triphala?  Here are some of the benefits triphala offers.  It can be taken daily, as a short or long term support.  (As always, everyone is unique, so check with a qualified practitioner or physician before beginning any new supplementation):

–Balances all three doshas and their primary ‘home’ in the body
–Contains vitamins and minerals to support overall health
–It is an antioxidant
–It is rich in vitamin C
–It gently cleanses the whole GIT
–It nourishes the colon: the seat of Vata
–Supports daily elimination of excess chemicals and other gunk we can not avoid ingesting in our day to day living 

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