Adrenal Fatigue (Yoga Nidra Practice)

LINK: Adrenal Fatigue Blog

I loved this article because it has really simple tips for adrenal fatigue.  When the body is super stressed, simplicity is the key.  These tips are great for management of many endocrine (hormonal) imbalances.

Additional Notes: Abhyanga is a daily self massage with an herbalized oil done before your shower or bath (be mindful of the slippery-ness of oils in your tub).  For adrenal fatigue you want an oil that is very nourishing.  Sesame will work fine, but this is a time to up the ante to something even more healing.  A good start is Mahanarayan or a Vata oil.  If your root is a Pitta imbalance Ksheera (milk) Bala is a great option (I special order this, so please let me know if you would like a bottle).

Don’t be shy.  This is a case where you want to be generous with the oil and the time spent rubbing the oil into your body.  If you don’t have time for a daily oil massage, that’s a clue-in as to why your adrenals are so fatigued.  This is a time to MAKE time for self care.  I offer Abhyanga treatments here at Trillium.

Trillium’s lavender ginger sugar scrub, which has since become a whole body scrub, was originally designed for the kidney and adrenal area.  It has a gentle scrubbing/stimulating action plus the warming properties of ginger.  That’s a nice daily self care activity, as it’s easy to rub into your kidney areas during your shower.

A ginger compress is simple a cloth soaked in a ginger decoction (strong tea).  It is best to use dry ginger as it is more warming than fresh.  Lay the cloth across your back over the kidney area, add a layer of saran wrap, then a warm heating pad.  Warmth is your friend, do not to allow the compress to get cold.

Please contact me with any questions or thoughts.

Here, as requested from Wednesday’s yoga class and lovely for adrenal care is a Mini Yoga Nidra audio:

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