Takra Recipe

Here is the recipe we discussed in our Hormones class this morning.

Takra helps to kindle digestive fire (agni) and being to reduce excess gunk (ama) in the gastrointestinal channel as well as the deeper tissue systems of the body.  It helps to calm, ground, and reduce excess vata and deeply nourish the body.  This is really, really nice for most digestive issues.

You can take this a half hour before each meal to kindle digestive fire and reduce ama buildup before eating or drink one time a day for extra nourishment.

How to:

Use whole milk non homogenized yogurt.  I use a 1/3 cup.
Mix 1 part yogurt with 4 parts cold water.  Blend on HIGH for 10 to 30 seconds (I use a Ninja-type blender and blend for 60 seconds).
Fat bubbles will float to the surface.  Skim those off and save in a container in the freezer (this can be used as butter, but I save until I have a good amount and make fresh, homemade ghee)

Blend again if needed (after 60 seconds in the Ninja, that is usually enough to churn the yogurt into butter).  Skim again.  Repeat.  Until there is no more milk fat.
Kapha: make sure there is NO milk fat left.
Vata: can have a little milk fat left.
Pitta: somewhere in between the two.

Add a pinch of mineral salt and cumin or whatever digestive spices are appropriate for your needs.


Drink and enjoy.

Drink immediately or save for no more than 24 hours.  Keep cool, but not COLD (think thermos), so as not to distress the GIT.

Happy Health.  Next Class: Pranayama: Healing Yogic Breathwork for Spring and Summer!!

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