Essence of Spring

If you ordered a box, you have a mini roll on of an uplifting Essence of Spring.  I’m always talking about essential oils, and since this has essential oils in it, I thought it was a good time to talk some more.

If you didn’t order a Box and would like a bottle of Spring Essence, please contact me ($8.50 for 3 ml roll on bottle).

First, I’m not anti-essential oils.  I’m cautious with them because I believe they are very potent medicine and should be used with respect and care.  In addition, the implications for the earth in overuse of essential oils could be unsustainable.  There’s a double whammy of things that are important to me when we talk about essential oils.

That said, my oils are sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs and I focus on essential oils of plants that are abundant and easy to source: like lemons and oranges.

Your Essence of Spring is diluted to less than 5% in a base of sweet almond oil.  What does that mean?  It means it is diluted to a level that is safe for every day use.  We start looking at more therapeutic use levels at a dilution of 12%.  Your Essence of Spring is safe to use on your skin pretty much any time you want.  Please remember that we are all different: it is wise to spot test on your skin to be sure you don’t have a personal reaction.  The dilution is safe enough that if you have a reaction it should not be severe.

What exactly does a dilution of 5% even mean?  This will help give you an idea of why essential oils are so potent.  Smell your bottle of Essence of Spring.  It’s got a subtle, lovely smell.  Place it on your wrist and bring you hands up to your nose and inhale.  It’s lovely.  Not to strong.  Not too weak.

This dilution is less than 5 drops of essential oil in 1 teaspoon of almond oil.  That’s not a lot.  Think about that for a moment.  Imagine your bottle with pure essential oil in it.  That would be really, really potent.  This is why most herbalists suggest you never put undiluted essential oils on your skin.

Enjoy your Essence.  If you don’t have any personal sensitivities, you should be able to enjoy your Essence several times a day.  Drop your essence in your purse or bag for anything you need a pick me up.

If you didn’t order a box and would like a bottle of Spring Essence, please let me know ($8.50 for 3 ml roll on bottle).

Caution: Never use EOs on cats or infants.  Use caution on children, during pregnancy, and on other pets or livestock.  Know your individual essential oils, each plant has its own properties and gifts.  Know your plants and use them wisely.

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