Banyan goodies arrived today


It seems to be a balancing your feminine side kind of a month, so here’s a few things to support your health.  Don’t forget Hormone Balancing with Ayurveda is coming on the 24th.

Women’s Support is a really nice all around support for women’s health, including regulation of the menstrual cycle and helping to ease us into menopause.  It’s libido boosting and supports healthy fertility.  It is balancing for all three doshas and the imbalances they might create in the reproductive system.  Do not use during pregnancy.

Breast Care Balm is a soothing and gentle formula for tridoshic breast care.  As we know, the breast tissue is prone to stagnation and accumulation.  Massaging the breasts daily helps move unwanted accumulation from the breast tissue and familiarizes us with the normal state of our own breasts.  If you note unusual changes in your breasts, it is wise to consult your health care practitioner.  This is also a great, warming formula that can be used as part of your winter skin care regimen (yes, on your face).

Beauty Balm was once Banyan’s Breast Balm, but it was (potentially) less ideal for breast tissue prone to fibrocystic changes or lumps.  It was such a wonderful formula that it never left the shelves and just acquired a new name and focus.   See, it’s not so crazy that I would use Breast Balm for winter face care, as this used to be Banyan’s Breast Balm.  I like to use Beauty Balm in the summer, as it’s a bit more cooling and soothing (it might be too rich for those with more oily/watery skin types–everyone’s different!).

A good reminder, just because it’s labeled for one thing doesn’t necessarily mean that’s its only use.  Think outside the box!!

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