The Flu and Your Nose

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No. No.  No. That’s what I’m going to say first. Here’s why:
–The flu is a virus, not a bacteria, don’t waste antibiotics. When you need them, you want them to work.
–There are potential allergens in triple antibiotic ointments.
–Don’t use medicine when you don’t need medicine.
–Your nasal passages and your skin are a garden of healthy bacteria that maintains your overall health: don’t kill the good stuff!!!
–You are likely to ingest anything you put in your nose and antibiotics can cause potential damage to the healthy bacteria in your gut: don’t kill the good bacteria!!
–This is a petroleum product, it does not actually lubricate. It coats and locks in gunk. Because it does not lubricate, it can also imbalance the healthy mucosal balance in your nose and that causes more damage than good.

Yes, the nose is a gateway for germs, bacteria, and viruses. Yes, you want to keep it clean and healthy!! This is one of the basic principles of Ayurveda: daily care of the senses.

Using products to cleanse and clear the nasal passages is not new and is actually a thousand year old Ayurvedic ‘trend’:

–Use something that will nourish and lubricate. This will help maintain a healthy mucosal balance in your nose, which is step one to keeping germs at bay. Unhealthy mucus = breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.
Use sesame oil: it’s penetrating, nourishing, and a barrier that doesn’t just coat. If you choose to up the ante: use a formulated nasya oil for nasal health (I’ve added the Banyan link above).
Use a neti pot to flush the nasal passages of accumulating germs. ALWAYS follow with sesame oil or nasya to rebalance the dryness of saline water.
–Keep in mind that nasal sprays do not flush, they can drive germs deeper into the sinuses instead of flushing out.
–Nasal lubrication with nasya oil feeds the happy, healthy bacteria we want flourishing in our nose.

Other Flu Tips:
–Wash your hands.  Again, an antibacterial soap may actually be counterproductive to a healthy immune system.  If you want something anti-bacterial/anti-viral/anti-fungal, but truly natural, use a neem soap.  Neem is one of the anti-everything plants.
–Limit touching your face.
–Eat well, hydrate well, exercise well, rest well, and don’t stress (stress suppresses the immune system).
–Winter is naturally a time for turning inward and spending more time at home. Maybe say no to extra activities: spend time with family to reduce exposure to bugs and to just spend more time with family…another key to healthy immunity: healthy relationships.

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