A’Brewing in the Kitchen

It’s been a long day in the kitchen and things are still a’brewing as you can see by the “can you guess what this is” photo.  As promised, here’s some of what’s been created.

Rose Daily Moisture: This is always requested, so here it is.  The perfect moisturizer made with ingredients as close to food as possible.  Remember the skin digests and absorbs, so we try not to put anything on our skin we wouldn’t eat.  This is a challenge, but it’s not so hard to start with one or two changes.  Daily Moisture does not have the shelf life of moisturizers made with preservatives, but it will last up to three months (or more) if kept, and used, with care.  It will keep longer if refrigerated.  ($24 for 2 ounce jar)

Carrot-Rose Eye Oil:  A lovely blend of oils for the delicate tissues of the face, especially under the eyes.  It can be used anywhere that the skin needs a little extra care.  Made with the best of the rose essential oils, it is dear, but just a drop or two is all that’s needed.  ($20 for 1/4 ounce dropper)

Spiced Chai (Tea):  The Chai spices are ground when you place an order for optimum freshness.  The black tea is packaged separately, so that you can make the perfect Chai.  Boil spices for 5 minutes, then add the black tea and simmer for another 5 minutes.  Add milk to taste.  Add honey to taste.  Strain, sip, enjoy.  Chai is slow food happiness.  ($9 for 2.5 ounces; $12 with a special chai spice jar)

My plan this year is to spend a little more time in the kitchen making some of the amazing Ayurvedic and herbal recipes for health, wellness, and (yes) beauty.  Product making is something I love, but struggle to find the time for.  I am going to make time and also try out some new recipes and ideas!!  The spring Ayurvedic Self Care Box is going to be a treat!!!


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