The Wolf Moon

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January’s first full moon is sometimes called the Wolf Moon.  The wolf call is louder on clear, cold nights.  The sound carries easily through the quiet woods and between bare branches.  When spotted, it looks as if wolves lift their gaze to howl at the moon.

Lifting their heads allows the sound to carry even farther.  They use their song to call their pack home or to warn off encroachers.

Another name for this moon is the Ice Moon (which seems appropriate right about now). The Ice Moon invites us to cozy down and turn inward.  It invites us to hunker down at home, perhaps cuddled with our pack.

The Wolf Moon reminds us to communicate.  Perhaps, it’s time to make a call or send a letter to a far off friend or family member.  The Wolf Moon reminds us to connect to our distant pack.

Full Moon Yoga by the fire pit will begin again in April.  Keep your eyes peeled for information.  For now, don’t forget to hunker down, stay warm, and remember to communicate with your pack far and near.

Happy New Year!!


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  1. I love this post! 🙂


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