Mantra Monday: What is a Mantra

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha: a mantra to Ganesha the protector and remover of obstacles in the Hindu pantheon.

I will be Healthy Wealthy and Wise: a mantra for self healing.

Be Still and Know that I am God: a mantra for connection to the divine.

Photos from Kew Gardens, London, England

But what is a mantra?  We can break it down into two words:

Man meaning “mind” and Tra meaning “transport or vehicle”.  A mantra could be translated as an Instrument of the Mind.  A mantra can be thought of as an utterance of thought to affect the inward state of the mind, the heart, and prana.

We can use a mantra in several ways, but here are two common thoughts:

  1. As a focal point for meditation or concentration
  2. To cultivate a desired state (ex: I am healthy), similar to an affirmation

Mantra, though coming from an Indian tradition is not specific to any religion or system of thought.  Mantra can be looked at as any repeated word, prayer, or ritual that brings us back to a state of simplicity and focus.  Something we find in all the various religious traditions:

  • prayer, reading of scripture or sacred texts, chanting, singing hymns and songs, spoken devotions, etc.

For those who would rather not bind mantra to religion or spirituality, you can look at mantra as:

  • self affirming quotes, words containing truth, ponderings

In Chinese tradition, a mantra is sometimes translated as “true words”.  Mantra can be used to guide us to learn and accept truth and Truth.

Every Monday in 2018, you will find a new ‘mantra’ to start a fresh new week, explore your own truth, get you thinking, cultivate a state of mind, and maybe just for a giggles.


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