Pranayama: Healing Yogic Breath Work


Autumn’s series on breath work & mediation has come to a close.

–How breath works and how to use the breath to nourish the mind, body, and senses.
–Grounding practices to soothe the nervous system (Vata).
–A few energizing practices to inspire and uplift.
–Practices to destress and balance an out of whack mind and body.
–Turning inward and inward and inward into explorations of meditation.
–What to do with a string of mala beads?
–Cultivating a personal practice.

Candle Gazing practice was one of our favorites, as was the sweet So’ham meditation.

If you missed this series, don’t worry, the next series is coming spring of 2018 (tentatively in April).  Pranayama: Healing Yogic Breathwork for Spring & Summer.

Spring’s series will be filled with uplifting, clearing practices to alleviate the accumulation of winter.  These practices will inspire and energize.  Of course, there will also be the foundational pieces to stabilize and a few cooling breathes to balance the heat of summer.

Thank you for joining me on your journey.

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