Chai Tea


Chai Tea seems to be the new cool.  Why not?  It’s warm, spicy, and perfect for the transition from warmth to chilly.

–Star Anise

I use whole herbs and grind fresh for each batch (if I’m going to have chai, it’s going to be a Slow Food treat). Boil herbs in water for ten minutes. Add almost as much milk as water and heat to just under boiling. THEN, add black tea and steep for three to five minutes. Strain. Add sweetener of choice. Pour in a special mug.


Oh gosh, I didn’t give you proportions? That’s because every cup of chai is its own special treat and we can tweak to our preferences. I DID give you spices in order of proportion I normally use so that’s a good starting point.

Trillium Ayurveda sells a Chai Blend with all the spices ground for you (keep well sealed in a cool, dark place) with a simple assam black tea. You supply the water, milk, and sweetener. You also supply the mug (although, we also carry Trillium Ayurveda mugs).

A sample of the Chai Tea blend will be included in the Winter Ayurveda Box. (Ooh, what is that?) No worries, details about that is coming soon.

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